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Charlotte making progress on new HIV prevention program

There’s great news for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, and especially for low-income residents most at-risk for new HIV diagnoses.

Mecklenburg County has announced a new pilot program to support the use of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for low-income patients.

From the Charlotte Observer:

With new HIV infections believed to be increasing, Mecklenburg County’s Health Department is launching a pilot program to give 320 high-risk people a drug designed to reduce the risk of getting the virus.

The county is partnering with drug-maker Gilead, which will distribute daily doses of Truvada to people believed to be at risk of contracting HIV. While Gilead will cover the drug’s cost, the county will spend $233,000 over six months to pay for the clinic visits and testing for people participating in the trial.

“We’re trying to get it off the ground as fast as we can,” said county Health Director Gibbie Harris.

Read more about the new program at the Charlotte Observer…

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