Hearts Beat as One Foundation Focus Areas

Our 2019 Funding Priorities

The Hearts Beat as One Foundation

The Hearts Beat as One Foundation strives to raise funds and awareness for organizations and people based in and around the Queen City. The foundation is a dedicated group of individuals who are coming together for the betterment of our entire city-wide community. We serve individuals and non-profit organizations in the greater Charlotte area through a variety of financial and non-financial means. Each year, our work is guided by several funding priorities.

Support to Charlotte's Homeless

The Hearts Beat as One Foundation provides funding for meals to feed clients of the Men's Shelter of Charlotte and actively engage volunteers to prepare and serve meals, as well as assist in other efforts to benefit homeless individuals.

Homelessness in Charlotte

Approximately 1,500 people are currently experiencing homelessness in Charlotte.

Ten percent of those are experiencing chronic homelessness, having been unsheltered and living with a disability for one year or more.

Up to three-quarters of Charlotte-area young people experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ.

[Sources: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Point-In-Time Count, April 2017, and Time Out Youth Center LGBTQ Homeless Youth of the Carolinas Needs Assessment, September 2016.]

Reducing the Spread of HIV

The Hearts Beat as One Foundation targets the spread of HIV by raising awareness on prevention options that significantly reduce the risk of contracting the disease. The Foundation will fund gaps in services that make these medications tough for many at-risk individuals to obtain.

HIV/AIDS in Charlotte

Mecklenburg County has the highest rate of new HIV transmissions in North Carolina.

Communities most at-risk include African-American and Latino men, African-American women and transgender people of color.

Financial barriers make it difficult for at-risk communities to obtain PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a daily treatment that can significantly reduce the transmission of HIV.

[Sources: AIDSvu and MeckPAC]

Animal Rescue & Care

The Hearts Beat as One Foundation is also passionate about the four-legged members of our community and, in partnership with area organizations, provides financial assistance and active support for shelters, clinics, and adoption events.

Animal Care in Charlotte

Nearly 3,000 pets in need were given shelter by the Human Society of Charlotte in 2017.

More than 5,000 pet owners sought care for their pets at Critter Care, a low-cost clinic for animals in need, in 2017.

[Source: Humane Society of Charlotte 2017 Annual Report.]

Emerging Needs

The Hearts Beat as One Foundation knows that our community is ever evolving. We reserve a portion of our funding for worthy causes or issues that occur the 2018 calendar year. Program assistance can be requested by community organizations or nominated by members or directors.


Hearts Beat As One Foundation promotes diversity, inclusion, and awareness for targeted and strategic impact for our communities in Charlotte and the Carolinas

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