Direct Financial Assistance

HB1 provides direct assistance for those who need help with various financial needs.

Natural Disasters Relief

HB1 provides assistance to those in need during crisis such as floods or hurricanes.

Community Service

Immediate response to community crisis caused by fire, flood, organized protests etc. Hb1 led peaceful discussion and delivered food/supplies to organized protestors and CMPD during the Uptown Charlotte protests.


Committed to serving the cities housing crisis as needs arise unexpectedly throughout our community.

COVID-19 Response

“Lunch Is On Us”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, students and community residents have been impacted by a loss of food security. A core focus of our response has been our “Lunch Is On Us” program which provides meals to children who have no access to the school cafeteria due to distance and/or absence of an adult or vehicle to pick the meal/child up. Hearts Beat As One Foundation is working with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to ensure that our footprint is maximized for children with little or no access.┬áSince the mandated school closure on March 23, 2020, Hb1 has served around 400 children daily by Hb1 volunteers and site partners.


Additionally, Hb1 has provided meals to displaced restaurant workers and others in need in the community. This has come a cost of approximately $5000.00 a week.


If you wish to donate to help in this time of need, your donation would be greatly appreciated. Donations are accepted via check, GoFundMe, Network for Good, Paypal, or Venmo.

If paying by check, please mail to:

Hearts Beat As One Foundation

PO Box 18232

Charlotte, NC 28218

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