Our ingredients in a ‘secret sauce’ for success in Charlotte

Recently, two leaders in Charlotte’s efforts to address economic immobility and inequities wrote into the Charlotte Observer with thoughts on what makes up a “secret sauce” of success for tackling our city’s most pressing needs.

Molly Shaw, executive director of Communities In Schools, Stephanie Cooper-Lewter, executive director of Leading On Opportunity, and Brain Collier, executive vice president of Foundation For The Carolinas, wrote:

Whether we realize it or not, many of us have gotten to where we are in large part because of connections, networks and exposure. Those of us with broad networks have significant opportunity. Yet even the smartest, most motivated people may struggle to realize their dreams if they lack access. The network of relationships that enable people to connect and society to advance is known as social capital.

In the Leading On Opportunity task-force report, social capital is defined as the building of relationships and networks that may very well be the “secret sauce” for helping economically disadvantaged youth navigate systems, gain access to information, and open doors to resources and opportunity. It could change the future lives of many of our community’s children.

Shaw, Cooper-Lewter and Collier go on to explain how you, me, each of us as individuals can have a role to play in creating the environments our communities need for success.

Here at Hearts Beat as One Foundation, we agree in collective action to better our communities. In our work, our “secret sauce” includes special ingredients — joint collaboration, volunteerism, and community giving.

Our secret sauce’s ingredients are easily found in events like Meet Up & Serve, which we’re hosting on April 14. First, we’re collaborating with like-minded organizations like Stonewall Sports Charlotte. Second, we’re capitalizing on our collaborations’ ability to inspire community members just like you to get out and volunteer. And, third, we hope, if you find yourself touched or inspired by this important work, that you will give to continue the good work of promoting growth and success for everyone who calls Charlotte home.

If you want to get involved with Hearts Beat as One Foundation and activities like our Meet Up & Serve, be sure to click over to our donate and volunteer page. Give what you can to support this work, or give of your time as a volunteer.

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